An Invitation to Be Her Voice

Hello and welcome to Be Her Voice

I’m Robyn McNeill, a fifty-something professional women who is quitting her corporate job and walking away from life as I know it to go on a new journey.

A new journey that is taking me to “I don’t know where yet”

But I do know my dream and vision – to be a voice for women and girls around the world through the power of photo-journalism, social media and others who care and also want to “Be the Change”

I know I’m not the first to have this vision and definitely won’t be the last,  but hope that through my actions and the collective energy and actions of others joining me on my journey we can be a powerful voice for women and girls who desperately need one.

If we can collectively achieve the change they deserve, one women or girl at a time, then the world will be a much better place for future generations.  Governments will not resolve  the human rights issues for women and girls – we have to!

bethechangeWe also need both men and women involved – women campaigning for other women has achieved significant change, however if we do not have the energy and collective power of men’s involvement, it’s likely another century will pass before beliefs, thinking and behaviours towards women and girls will change.

I invite you all – men and women of all ages and cultures, to join me on this journey to Be Her Voice and to Be the Change that’s urgently needed.



2 thoughts on “An Invitation to Be Her Voice

  1. A journey well deserved – I will be interested in folloeing your journey and support where I can Women have a right to live in safety and to be honoured and supported


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