Perseverance + Action = CHANGE

ct6sr-3xeaavzy1-copyI don’t know who this beautiful lady is – but I do know her  placard represents the sentiments of so many people around the world – how much longer do we have to keep protesting for basic human rights for women and girls?

The reality is – “For as Long as it Takes”

And it’s going to require Perseverance – the definition of which is “Persistence in doing something despite the difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

Generations before us have protested, campaigned, persevered and achieved change.  Action from current generations is also achieving positive change, but why is it so hard and why does it take so long?

Why does child marriage, female genital mutilation, non-education of girls and sex trafficking (to name a few) continue to occur on a daily basis, while time and money is poured into finding life and water on another planet or building weapons of war?

If I lived on another planet and was looking down at earth, I’m sure I would be thinking…

“Jeepers that lot are strange – look at how they treat the ones who co-enable the species to continue to exist” 

There are many opinions out there, thousands of debates have been had and we still have the same old questions…

How can so many world leaders and governments continue to ignore the significant human rights issues against women and girls in their own country?

Why do so many communities continue to support and practice traditions that physically and mentally harm their womenfolk?

What is there to fear if women and girls are able to experience basic human rights on a daily basis?

This isn’t a fight against men or communities and it isn’t a fight against governments – it’s an on-going challenge to change beliefs, thinking and fear based traditions and behaviours

Why we need to Persevere

This photo is in the January 2017 National Geographic special issue – The Shifting Landscape of Gender.  It made me feel sick.

This is why we need to keep persevering and taking action!



*The lady with the protest placard was part of a protest on October 3rd 2016 following a proposition in Poland to ban abortion.  Large numbers of women filled the streets that day, many not going to work in order to try and get their voices heard.

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